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3:37-min Monitor Your Grip Pressure

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Up Next in Day 1-The CardioGolf® 5-Day Program for Beginner Golfers

  • 3:37-min Monitor Your Grip Pressure

    To increase clubhead speed you need to have light grip pressure. If your hands are gripping the club too tightly then you won’t be able to swing freely. Tension kills speed. Spend a few minutes today thinking and working on your grip. You can perfect your grip while you watch TV. Do a few dri...

  • Day 1-CardioGolf™ 30 Days to a Fluid ...

    Clothes provided by LOHLA Sports code CardioGolf20 for 20% discount.

    Today-learn to set up to your Shortee Club. Feel the correct grip pressure.

    Do the 30-Days to a Fluid Golf Swing Challenge!                                                                                   ...

  • 5-min Golf Glove Essentials

    Have you ever wondered why you are supposed to wear a golf glove and why is there only one?   Watch how I explain the importance of the glove and why you should wear one to maximize your performance.

    Golf performance coach Karen Palacios-Jansen explains the importance of the glove and why you sh...