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Watch this video and more on CardioGolf™ Online Studio

Watch this video and more on CardioGolf™ Online Studio

2-minute Side Toe Tap

Individual Cardio and Endurance Exercises • 1m 43s

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    If you are looking for more power in your swing, then you want to increase the separation between your upper and lower body. Your ability to wind your upper body over the resistance of your lower body helps create a rubber band effect that creates speed on the downswing. This exercise has all th...

  • 2-minute Tilted Helicopter Arms

    One of the keys to keep the club on plane to hit consistent shots is to maintain your spine angle throughout your swing. The shoulders to turn perpendicular to the spine, so from forward tilted position you create, from bending at the hips during address, the shoulders actually tilt as they turn....

  • 2-minute Forward Toe Tap

    To progress and improve your fitness throughout the years, you need to change your routine up every few months to keep your system stimulated. Here are some suggestions on Progression

    Learn each exercise to perfection. Continue to work on your form.
    To get stronger: increase the resistance and a...