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CardioGolf® Online Studio Subscription features a Weekly Workout Plan for you to follow. The plan will help you balance your fitness so that you are getting the correct amount of work in during the week to improve strength, flexibility and endurance plus improve your swing technique.

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  • 10-min Pre-Round Warm-Up for Better Rotation

    The point of a warm up is to elevate your heart rate to get your blood flowing to warm muscles so they are loose and supple to make it is easier to swing. You can do this warm-up at your house before your round of golf, if you don’t have a long drive to the golf course or on the driving range. Do...

  • 10-min-Groove Your Swing Technique (040)

    CardioGolf™ video series includes drills and exercises to help golfers improve their swing technique and get some exercise at the same time.

    Practicing at the range is good, but if you have a swing fault, then instead of improving your swing with more repetitions, you just end up ingraining the ...

  • 10-min Cardio/Endurance-Change of Direction Workout (040)

    Equipment Needed:

    The CardioGolf® Slope
    Modified if no equipment is available.
    Order your equipment at

    10-min Cardio/Endurance-Change of Direction Workout-

    Side to Side Step
    Side to Side with Leg Raise
    Squat Side to Side
    Forward Lunge
    Forward Lunge and Twist
    Side Lunge
    Speed ...

  • 3-min Post-Round Stretch Featuring Meghan Trainor

    CardioGolf Post-Round Stretch

    We all know the importance of a pre-round warm up routine to fully prepare the body for the strains of a round of golf, but do you know that stretching after a round of golf can help restore muscle imbalances that could lead to swing flaws and injuries?

    Post-round ...

  • 13-min Making Solid Contact with Your Irons-Part 2

    Making solid contact with your irons is a skill that can be mastered through practice, patience, and attention to detail. By focusing on proper setup, a connected takeaway, precise downswing mechanics, and a balanced finish, you can elevate your iron play to new heights. Incorporate these princip...

  • Saturday Daily Groove

    Clothes provided by LOHLA Sports code CardioGolf20 for 20% discount.

    Equipment Needed:
    CardioGolf™ Slope
    CardioGolf™ Shortee Club
    GolfGym® PowerBall
    GolfGym® PowerSwing Trainer
    GolfGym® PowerFan
    Modify if no equipment available.

    Saturday Daily Groove-

    Pigeon ...