Week 4

Week 4

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Week 4
  • 25-min Golfer's Knee Workout (010)

    How Your Knees Work in the Golf Swing-
    First of all, in a single round, a golfer will swing an estimated average of 300 swings (including practice swings). And they may even walk eight thousand yards, the equivalent of four to five miles.

    So that puts a lot of pressure on joints and muscles inc...

  • 23-min Power Workout (014)

    Power Up Your Swing with CardioGolf
    One of the main reasons golfers should be seeking power in their golf swings, besides to hit it past your friends, is to make sure that you have a shorter shot in for your approach to the green. It is much easier to get a 9-iron close to the pin then a 3-metal...

  • 32-min Balance and Core Workout on Slope (015)

    Core muscles, which include the abdominal and back muscles, are essential to the golf swing to create power. Strengthening the core can be done with a simple plank exercise. Plank exercises can be done almost anywhere at any time. Performing core exercises like the ones in this workout on a regul...

  • 7:41 minute Chipping and Pitching Drills

    To develop your technique around the greens for those shots that 80 yards or less, you need to spend tons of time practicing. By simply hitting hundreds of pitches and chips shots to a target, you can figure out how to get the job done. But who has time to stand on the range and hit hundreds of ...