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CardioGolf® Daily Golf Groove-Lower Body Strength

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CardioGolf® Daily Golf Groove-Upright Row

CardioGolf® Weekly Dose • 1m 44s

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  • CardioGolf® Daily Golf Groove-Lower B...

    Equipment Needed:
    CardioGolf®Shortee Club
    CardioGolf® Slope
    Modify if no equipment available.
    Order your equipment at

    The CardioGolf® Fit Slope is a versatile training tool designed to enhance endurance and fitness for golfers and individuals seeking overall physical conditioning....

  • 15-min Step-by-Step Practice Routine ...

    This 15-minute practice routine is a basic guide to help you work on your swing motion. Remember that consistency is key to improving your golf swing. Regular practice, even in short sessions, can yield significant improvements over time. If you have specific swing issues, consider consulting a g...

  • 6:30-min Mastering the Art of Weight ...

    Changing weight distribution in the golf swing for different shots is crucial to optimize your performance in each aspect of the game. Here's how you can adjust your weight distribution for chipping, pitching, irons, and the driver:

    Set-Up: Start with most of your weight (around 70-80%...