CardioGolf™ Daily Dose

CardioGolf™ Daily Dose

A Note from CardioGolf™ creator Karen Palacios-Jansen:

In my opinion, daily practice is the key to success towards any goal. Making 10 practice swings a day or exercising for 5 minutes everyday will get you playing better and in better shape than exercising or practicing for two or three hours once a week. First of all, it is always hard to find big chunks of time to do massive workouts or beat balls on the driving range. Secondly, the long workouts or practice sessions usually lead to fatigued swings, injuries and ingrained bad habits.

There is something to be said about the momentum of taking small daily steps towards a goal that is cumulatively better than taking big steps with less frequency.

Practice something about your game everyday.

This is your CardioGolf™ Daily Dose!

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CardioGolf™ Daily Dose
  • 3-min Neuromuscular Training to Groove Your Swing

    A New Way to Practice-

    Making practice swings instead of hitting balls is a better way to improve your swing technique. If you are trying to learn the swing or make a swing change, rehearsing the move without hitting a ball will assure that you are actually doing the correct move. Repeating th...

  • CardioGolf Summer Shape Up!

    Join us this summer to Shape Your Swing and Trim Your Score!

  • 1-min Spine Angle Drill Challenge

  • 26-mim Challenge Your Balance Workout

    The Importance of Balance for Golfers-
    Your ability to stay balanced throughout your golf swing is important to create power. Firstly, if you are unable to stay balanced, it is likely you will be limited in the amount of force you can apply at impact.

    Secondly, balance training can be easily ove...