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Watch this video and more on CardioGolf® Online Studio

Watch this video and more on CardioGolf® Online Studio

2-min CardioGolf Shortee Club Set Up

Golf Instruction • 1m 50s

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  • 2-minute CardioGolf Swing Drills to P...

    In CardioGolf we do a battery of swing drills to rehearse swing positions and reinforce swing movement.

    Practice swings can help reinforce sound golf swing fundamentals and mechanics without judgement of where the ball is going. W

    Making practice swings can also get you into positions that you ...

  • Cardiogolf Swing Fundamentals

    This section is for people just beginning to learn the game and for those who want to review the basics.


    To be a consistent ball striker, you should strive to find a grip that helps your return the clubhead square to the ball at impact.

    I recommend that you begin with a neutral grip. O...

  • Cardiogolf Inside Alignment Practice

    Alignment is the easiest fundamental to work on, and probably one of the most neglected principles of golf. A good shot is useless unless it is going toward your intended target.

    Watch this video to see how you can practice your alignment drill indoors.

    First, you align the clubface square to ...