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Watch this video and more on CardioGolf® Online Studio

Watch this video and more on CardioGolf® Online Studio

1-minute How to Start Your Swing

Golf Instruction • 56s

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  • 1-minute Power Drill

    If you have been losing distance or hitting inconsistent shots, you may be releasing the club early, losing valuable lag in your golf swing. Lag is the angle that is created between your wrists and the club shaft that stores energy to release on the golf ball.

    This drill will help you learn how...

  • 1-minute Stop Chunking Shots

    One of the most common problems among high-handicappers is hitting behind the ball. Two things may happen when you hit behind the ball: 1) you may chunk the shot, taking a big divot before you hit ball or 2) you may hit the ball thin, hitting up not touching the ground at all.

    Here is a simpl...

  • 1-minute Anti-Slice Set-Up

    The slice shot (when the ball curves left to right for a right-handed golfer) in golf is one of the most common swing ailments. The slice most commonly occurs when the clubface is open relative to the swing path and/or when the swing follows an “out to in” or “over the top” swing path.

    The dis...