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4-min Off-Season-Indoor Practice

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1-min Combine StraightAway and Shortee Club

Golf Instruction • 47s

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  • 4-min Off-Season-Indoor Practice

    As the winter months roll in and the golf courses become blanketed in snow, it's time for golfers to shift their focus to off-season training. While the tempting to hibernate until spring, dedicating some time to indoor training can make a significant difference in your performance once the warm...

  • How to Practice Uneven Lies

    The CardioGolf™ Slope

    When you play golf, you almost never have a completely flat lie like you do at the practice range. It may be difficult to recreate those sidehill, downhill and uphill lies on the practice range, but you can do it at the gym or at home with The CardioGolf™ Slope.

    Order you...

  • 5:30 min Weight Distribution in Your ...

    Have you ever wondered why weight distribution is so crucial in your golf swing? Well, the answer is simple: it can make or break your game. Understanding how weight distribution impacts your golf swing is the key to achieving consistency, power, and accuracy on the course.

    Here's why weight dis...