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Watch this video and more on CardioGolf® Online Studio

Step and Swing Drill

Individual Swing Drills • 1m 0s

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  • 1-minute Backswing Squat Drill

    This drill is especially good for people who tend to reverse pivot or tilt their upper bodies towards the target on the backswing. It is a reminder to load you weight into your back side at the top of the swing. It will also help you build muscular strength and endurance.

    Assume a golf stance w...

  • 1-minute Torso Turn Exercise

    If your backswing is short or your turn in restricted, then you need to practicing making a better turn. During the swing the power is generated from the torque you create between the upper and lower body. This exercise is a great exercise to help strengthen the core and shoulder stabilizers simu...

  • 1-minute Back Arm Only Drill

    In the backswing for a right-handed golfer, the right arm or trail arm sets the club at the top of the swing. Ideally your right arm will form 90-angle in your right elbow. As your downswing begins, the right arm drops to your right side, and stays close to your body. The angle in the right elbow...