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CardioGolf™ Online Studio Subscription features a Weekly Workout Plan for you to follow. The plan will help you balance your fitness so that you are getting the correct amount of work in during the week to improve strength, flexibility and endurance plus improve your swing technique.

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  • 6-min CardioGolf Express Pre-Round Warm Up Routine Featuring Meghan Trainor

    This is part of the Pre-Round Warm-Up Routine.

    For many of us, we used to be able to hop out of the car, go straight to the first tee and rip a drive down the middle of the fairway. Now by skipping a warm-up before a round of golf may mean it takes us 4 or 5 holes before you loosen up and gain...

  • 14-min Total Body Series-Muscular Endurance HIIT Workout

    CardioGolf is a series of golf-specific workout routines that combine swing drills and exercises. Cardiogolf accommodates golfers of all skills and fitness levels. All you need to preform CardioGolf is a 4 x 4 square foot space for each golfer to do the exercises and swing the CardioGolf ‘Shortee...

  • 24-min CardioGolf™ Groove Your Swing Workout

    CardioGolf™ Groove Your Swing Workout

    Get your Heart Pumping and your Golf Form in shape with the CardioGolf Fitness System…No golf ball required!

    Professional golfers know the importance of athletic development for golf. As a recreational golfer, you may not have the time to train like an elit...

  • 3-min Post-Round Stretch Featuring Meghan Trainor

    CardioGolf Post-Round Stretch

    We all know the importance of a pre-round warm up routine to fully prepare the body for the strains of a round of golf, but do you know that stretching after a round of golf can help restore muscle imbalances that could lead to swing flaws and injuries?

    Post-round ...

  • 2-min Neuromuscular Training to Groove Your Swing for Better Tempo

    A New Way to Practice-

    Simply watch this video to groove your swing for more power

    Making practice swings instead of hitting balls is a better way to improve your swing technique. If you are trying to learn the swing or make a swing change, rehearsing the move without hitting a ball will assu...

  • Monday Daily Groove

    Groove Your Swing and Trim Your Score!

    Do these exercises on a daily basis to not only help golfers of all levels improve your swing technique and get a great workout at the same time.

    Equipment Needed:
    CardioGolf™ Slope
    CardioGolf™ Shortee Club
    GolfGym® PowerBall
    GolfGym® PowerSwing Trainer