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Watch this video and more on CardioGolf® Online Studio

7-minute Lengthen Golf Muscles Workout

Post-Round Recovery Stretch Routines • 7m 46s

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    You already know that doing daily workouts can do wonders for your golf swing by making you more flexible and stronger so that your swing is more powerful, longer and smoother, but did you also know that working out with a partner can be a source of motivation and accountability? Working out wit...

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    We recommend every workout session (and every round of golf you play) starts here with the warm-up routine and you should do a post round stretch to help your muscles recover.

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  • 7-min Basic Post-Round Stretch Routine

    Basic Post-Round Stretch Routine

    We all know the importance of a pre-round warm up routine to fully prepare the body for the strains of a round of golf, but do you know that stretching after a round of golf can help restore muscle imbalances that could lead to swing flaws and injuries?