CardioGolf™ Seasonal Conditioning for Golf

CardioGolf™ Seasonal Conditioning for Golf

To maximize golf performance, firstly, the golf athlete needs to do a variety of different exercises and workouts to build fitness.

The are several physical performance factors that are crucial to every golf-conditioning program. These include: posture, balance, mobility, stability (the combination of strength and balance), power, coordination, and endurance.

The ideal way to train for golf is using a Periodization process.

Periodization is the process of varying a training program at regular time intervals to bring about optimal gains in physical performance.

The term Periodization is a fancy word for seasonal training. In other words, you need to mix it up and do a variety of exercises during the year.

Your workouts should fit the season. Even if you play golf all year round, you still need to vary your workouts so not to plateau.

In order to build strength, you need to constantly push yourself by increasing intensity and resistance.

But you also need to allow your body periods of rest to recover, so you don’t always want to be doing intense workouts.

You should split your calendar year into three phases as follows:

Off-Season – 3-4 months (example: Nov. – Feb.)

Pre-Season – 1-2 months (example: Mar. – April.)

In-Season – 5-6 months (example: May – Oct.)

Important: Even golfers who live in warm weather climates (such as Arizona or Florida) should divide their year into these three categories.

Golf conditioning works best when there is a specific focus according to the time of year. Even if you can play golf year-round in your home environment, you will benefit from dividing your workouts into these types of segments.

Components include: Mobility, muscular and cardiovascular endurance.

Off-Season is the perfect time to build muscular and cardiovascular endurance including building greater aerobic endurance, a stronger core, better form, and greater leg strength. The more aerobically conditioned you are throughout the entire body, the faster you will recover from intense workouts and golf tournaments.

Static stretching exercises should be completed daily if possible. It may also be worth considering incorporating self myofascial release exercises to regenerate muscles and connective tissue if these are not already employed.

CardioGolf™ Seasonal Conditioning for Golf
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