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Off-Season Golf Conditioning Week 1

Off-Season Golf Conditioning Week 1

Off-Season Golf Conditioning Week 1-
Complete all the workout in this collection.

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Off-Season Golf Conditioning Week 1
  • 19:11 min-Swing Drills with Shortee Club and Slope

    The Importance of Swing Drills and Practice Swings-
    Swing drills and practice swings can help reinforce sound golf swing fundamentals and mechanics. Doing swing drills and making practice swings can also get you into positions that you may not otherwise be able to get into when you swing at full ...

  • 8-min Pre-Round Warm-Up (Dynamic Rotate and Stretch Routine 001)

    Here is a quick and easy pre-round warmup routine to help you avoid those big numbers on the scorecard.

    The point of a warmup is to elevate your heart rate to get blood flowing to warm muscles so they are loose and supple, so it is easier to swing. You can do this warmup at your house before you...

  • 24-min CardioGolf™ Groove Your Swing Workout

    CardioGolf™ Groove Your Swing Workout

    Get your Heart Pumping and your Golf Form in shape with the CardioGolf Fitness System…No golf ball required!

    Professional golfers know the importance of athletic development for golf. As a recreational golfer, you may not have the time to train like an elit...

  • 15:20-min Post Round Stretch for Recovery on Slope

    We all know the importance of a pre-round warm up routine to fully prepare the body for the strains of a round of golf, but do you know that stretching after a round of golf can help restore muscle imbalances that could lead to swing flaws and injuries?

    Post-round stretching can help restore mus...