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Watch this video and more on CardioGolf® Online Studio

Watch this video and more on CardioGolf® Online Studio

2-minute Avoid Early Extension

Individual Flexibility Exercises • 2m 12s

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  • 1-minute Merman on Pilates Reformer

    I'm always looking for new ways to, not only help myself, but also to help my students increase strength, mobility and flexibility. I’ve recently discover that using a Pilates reformer is an effective way of increasing flexibility, strength
    and stability for golf than traditional, free weights an...

  • 3-minute Yoga Triangle Pose

    This will help stretch and strengthen golf muscles.

  • 1-minute Shoulder Stretch with Golf Club

    In the golf swing, you need to take your shoulders through their full range of motion to create power. Any restrictions in your shoulders may cause a compromise the backswing and loss of power on the downswing.

    Use a golf club, hold it across your thighs with arms extended.
    Stand with feet shoul...