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Watch this video and more on CardioGolf® Online Studio

Watch this video and more on CardioGolf® Online Studio

1-minute Sitting Disassociation Exercise

Individual Flexibility Exercises • 1m 2s

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  • 2-minute Shourder Retractors

    A rounded upper back is often caused by spending long periods of time hunched over a desk or steering wheel. Caused by overly tight chest muscles and weak mid- and upper-back muscles, this can lead to upper-back and neck pain, and poor posture in your golf swing. Strengthening the muscles that r...

  • 2-minute Abdominal Stretch on Ball

    If you have been playing and practicing a lot lately, then your shoulder, abdominal and low back muscles may may be tight. This stretch will open up your back and stretch your abdominals to counteract the hunched over position from swinging a golf club.

    Sit on a ball and slowly roll down to dr...

  • 2-minute Spinal Rotators

    Your ability to rotate your shoulders, torso and hips around your spine determines how much clubhead speed you create in your golf swing. Spinal mobility decreases with age. Lack of spinal mobility is associated with poor posture and restricts your shoulder and torso turn in the golf swing.