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Watch this video and more on CardioGolf® Online Studio

1-minute Russian Twist

Individual Strength Exercises • 1m 16s

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  • 1-minute Push-Ups (Incline)

    This is a variation of a regular push-up. This version takes some weight out of your arms and chest so that you can complete more repetitions.

    Place your hands on a step or bench.
    With your arms straight, your shoulders should be over your wrists and your hips should be over your knees.
    Bend you...

  • 1. 3 minute-Wood Chop Exercise

    Your core including the supporting muscle groups such as shoulders, arms, hands and wrists play help supply you with the power you need to create clubhead speed. The wood chop exercise is a great way to work on your core muscles while increasing your heart rate to improve endurance.

    Wood Chops-...

  • 1.2 minute Push-Up Exercise

    Upper body strength is so important to create power in your golf swing. Upper body strength helps you pull your arms down to match the power of your lower body for better sequencing. Push-ups are one of the best ways to create strength in the chest, back and arms.

    Get into a plank position for ...