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Simulate a Pilates Reformer At-Home with CardioGolf™

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CardioGolf™ Slope-Lower Body Moves

Individual Strength Exercises • 51s

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  • Simulate a Pilates Reformer At-Home w...

    The principle of cross training for golfers is to improve mobility, flexibility, stability, balance, strength, endurance, and power to help create a profienct swing. Cross training is something other than swinging the golf club. Doing Pilates would be an example of cross training.

    The repetitiv...

  • 2-min Clean and Press

    Stand in a shoulder width stance holding a small to medium weight in one hand.
    Lower your rear-end backwards towards the floor as you lower the weight to the ground while maintaining a straight back. Keep your abdominal muscles pulled in to protect your back.
    Try to lower your thighs parallel to...

  • 1:30 min-Clean and Press

    The clean and press may sound like an Olympic lifting competition exercise. Many golfers may not consider this exercise because it sounds too complex or explosive. However, the clean and press exercise, if performed correctly, is the same movement pattern that is needed in the golf swing, so it c...