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Watch this video and more on CardioGolf® Online Studio

2-minute Glute Activation

Individual Strength Exercises • 1m 38s

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  • 2-min Glute Activation Exercise

    Your ability to shift your weight in the golf swing is determined by the amount of glute strength you have. If those muscles are weak, the tendency is to use more upper body muscles to create the downswing which could lead to swing faults and injury. Strengthening your glute muscles will help p...

  • 1-minute Push-Ups

    Push-ups can help you increase the strength of your triceps, pectorals, biceps and shoulders as well as forearms and wrists. These muscles are responsible for helping you create clubhead speed on the downswing and through impact. Start on your knees to modify.

    Get into the standard push-up posit...

  • 2-minute Diagonal Toe Tap

    To progress and improve your fitness throughout the years, you need to change your routine up every few months to keep your system stimulated. Here are some suggestions on Progression:

    Learn each exercise to perfection. Continue to work on your form.
    To get stronger: increase the resistance and ...