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Watch this video and more on CardioGolf® Online Studio

Watch this video and more on CardioGolf® Online Studio

1-minute Shoulder Rotators

Individual Swing Drills • 1m 33s

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  • Step and Swing Drill

    Today we focus on weight shift-

    In order to create power on your downswing, you need to ‘get behind the ball’ at the top of your swing. This involves rotating your shoulders and hips away from the target, so the majority of your weight shifts to the back foot at the top of the swing. Once you ha...

  • 1-minute Backswing Squat Drill

    This drill is especially good for people who tend to reverse pivot or tilt their upper bodies towards the target on the backswing. It is a reminder to load you weight into your back side at the top of the swing. It will also help you build muscular strength and endurance.

    Assume a golf stance w...

  • 1-minute Torso Turn Exercise

    If your backswing is short or your turn in restricted, then you need to practicing making a better turn. During the swing the power is generated from the torque you create between the upper and lower body. This exercise is a great exercise to help strengthen the core and shoulder stabilizers simu...