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Watch this video and more on CardioGolf® Online Studio

1-minute Reverse Lunge with Twist

Individual Flexibility Exercises • 1m 5s

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  • 1-minute Standing Low Back and Hip S...

    This exercise will help you increase flexibility in the low back and hips for a better range of motion so that you can complete your follow-through.

    Stand in a shoulder width stance.
    Place your palms on your low back with your fingers pointing to the ground.
    Simply press your hip forward to feel...

  • 1-minute Inner Thigh Stretch on Floor

    It is important to be able to take all your muscles and joints through their full range of motion for a fluid golf swing. This stretch targets the inner thighs.

    Sit on the floor with the bottom of your feet touching.
    Sitting tall, let gravity drop your knees to the ground to feel a stretch in y...

  • 1-minute Posture Check

    When you set up to hit a shot, you want to hinge from your hip sockets and not from your waist. This simple exercise will help assure you are keeping your spine straight.

    Hold a golf club along your spine and get into your golf posture.
    Bending from your hip sockets and keeping your spine strai...