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Watch this video and more on CardioGolf® Online Studio

10-min Extend Your Range Mobility Workout NO MUSIC (001)

NO MUSIC Workouts • 11m

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  • 20-minute Extend Your Range Mobility ...

    Extend Your Range 20-Minute Workout
    Pre-Test for Swing
    Beast to Down Dog
    Hip Bridge
    Low Back Stretch
    Hip Rotators
    Hamstring Stretch
    Runner’s Lunge
    World’s Greatest Stretch
    Child’s Pose
    Straddle Stretch
    Thoracic Spine Stretch
    Roll Up and Down
    Lunge Ankle Stretch
    Lunge Repeater
    Lunge Chest Op...

  • 26-minute Total Body and Swing Workou...

    Total Body and Swing Workout-
    Hip Wraps
    Basic Step on Slope
    Step Side Up Slope
    Lunge on Slope
    Back Arm Only Swings on Slope
    Feet Together Swings
    Kettle Bell Swings on Slope
    Shoulder Press on Slope
    Russian Twist
    Front Arm Only Swings on Slope
    Wide Takeaway Drill
    Bicep Curl with Squat
    Tricep Press ...

  • 25-min Core, Upper Body and Balance b...

    Improve Core and Upper Body Strength and Balance with Olympic Gold Medalist Dan Jansen
    Core muscles, which include the abdominal and back muscles, are essential to the golf swing to create power. Studies show that there is a direct relationship between core strength and balance. The better your...