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Watch this video and more on CardioGolf™ Online Studio

Watch this video and more on CardioGolf™ Online Studio

1-minute Ball Position for a Solid Shot

Golf Instruction • 1m 32s

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  • 1-minute Backswing Drill

    One of the keys to keep the club on plane to hit consistent shots is to maintain your spine angle throughout your swing. The shoulders to turn perpendicular to the spine, so from forward tilted position you create, from bending at the hips during address, the shoulders actually tilt as they turn....

  • 1-minute Backswing Drill

    Good ball strikers create a wide arc on the backswing because they accomplish a couple of things:

    as they swing back, they naturally hinge their wrists, which puts the club on the proper plane and
    they are flexible enough to make a full turn while maintaining the lead arm extended.

  • 1-minute Wrist Hinge Drill

    If your struggle with when and how to hinge your wrists, here is a drill to help you learn how to start your swing.