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2:28-minute Hip Mobility Series

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1:37-minute Core Rotator Variation with Club Behind Low Back

Individual Flexibility Exercises • 1m 36s

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  • 2:28-minute Hip Mobility Series

    This is a series of 3 hip mobility exercises to help loosen up the joints and muscles in the hips. The more mobility you have, the easier it will be to sequence your weight shift and deliver power to the ball. This can be done as a warm up or part of a workout routine.

    Lie on your side with yo...

  • 1:28 minute-Stay in Your Posture

    A common problem among high-handicappers and even elite golfers is a lack of mobility in the pelvis and hip area from hours of sitting and lack of activity.

    To maximize your full potential in the golf swing, you must have the ability to take your joints and muscles through their full range of mo...

  • 1:08-minute Standing Shoulder and Sid...

    When you increase your flexibility, you increase your changes of taking your muscles through a full range of motion for a more fluid golf swing. This stretch is to help increase flexibility in your shoulders and oblique muscles.

    Stand in a shoulder width stance.
    Lift one arm straight up in the...