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CardioGolf™ Slope-Lower Body Moves

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CardioGolf™ Challenge💚010

Individual Strength Exercises • 1m 30s

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  • CardioGolf™ Slope-Lower Body Moves

    CardioGolf™ Slope moves for more power in your golf swing.

  • Simulate a Pilates Reformer At-Home w...

    The principle of cross training for golfers is to improve mobility, flexibility, stability, balance, strength, endurance, and power to help create a profienct swing. Cross training is something other than swinging the golf club. Doing Pilates would be an example of cross training.

    The repetitiv...

  • 2-min Clean and Press

    Stand in a shoulder width stance holding a small to medium weight in one hand.
    Lower your rear-end backwards towards the floor as you lower the weight to the ground while maintaining a straight back. Keep your abdominal muscles pulled in to protect your back.
    Try to lower your thighs parallel to...