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3-minute Squats

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1:20-minute High Rotators with Exercise Ball

Individual Strength Exercises • 1m 20s

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  • 3-minute Squats

    You ability to squat will likely determine if you can maintain your spine angle throughout your swing. If you are not strong enough to maintain your squat position, you may thrust your hips forward toward the ball at impact, thus pulling yourself out of the shot.

    Squats are important for golf a...

  • 2-min Kettle Bell Hip Hinge

    In order to create power in your golf swing, you need to set up in an athletic position. Where some high-handicappers go wrong, is that the sit too much into their heels and tuck their hips under inhibiting the amount of hip turn and movement they can create in the golf swing.

    Ideally, you wan...

  • 3-minute Side Sit Up Series

    In the golf swing, you need to be able to do a combination of side flexion (frontal plane movement or side to side motion) and rotation (transverse plane or rotational movement) in your core to wind up behind the ball and create power. Most golf-fitness exercises only focus on the rotation aspec...