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Watch this video and more on CardioGolf™ Online Studio

Watch this video and more on CardioGolf™ Online Studio

1-minute CardioGolf Position No. 6

Individual Swing Drills • 1m 4s

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  • 2.2 minute Wrist Hinge Drill

    Wrist hinge should happen naturally in the golf swing. If your grip is in a neutral position,the wrists will be able to fully hinge as you swing the club back to the top. There is no exact spot where you are supposed to hinge your wrists. Some players set their wrists very early in the swing and ...

  • 1-minute Body Motion and Weight Shift...

    To create power in your golf swing, you need to be able rotate your shoulders, trunk and hips freely. If there is any tightness in these areas, you’ll end up making compensations in your golf swing that may cause power leaks. Increasing flexibility can help you rotate your body and swing more fre...

  • 1-minute Left Arm Only Drill

    Practicing at the range is good, but if you have a swing fault, then instead of improving your swing with more repetitions, you just end up ingraining the swing fault more into your swing. In CardioGolf, you'll be doing a battery of exercises designed to improve your body movement and swing techn...