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Watch this video and more on CardioGolf® Online Studio

Watch this video and more on CardioGolf® Online Studio

1-minute Over the Top Correction

Golf Instruction • 1m 20s

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  • 1-minute Reverse Pivot Correction

    A common swing fault among higher handicappers is called the ‘reverse pivot’. Sometimes called ‘reverse spine tilt’ or ‘reverse weight shift’ and is associated with other swing faults such as sway and slide. The term is not important, what’s important is to know what it is and how to minimize i...

  • 2-minute Chipping Drill

    Although the task of chipping may not seem like a highly athletic activity, the more fit and athletic you are the smoother and more accurate you can chip.

    In order to chip correctly, you need to bend from your hip sockets and hold your spine angle throughout the stroke. If your core is weak and...

  • 25-min How to Use Your CardioGolf® Sl...

    CardioGolf® Slope Tutorial

    The CardioGolf® ‘Slope’ is to help golfers practice uphill and downhill lies, but it is also a great tool for exercise. You can do a variety of traditional low-impact exercises as well as strength, balance, core and even upper body exercises.