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Watch this video and more on CardioGolf® Online Studio

Watch this video and more on CardioGolf® Online Studio

7-min Post-Round Flexibility Routine

Total Body Flexibility Routines • 6m 51s

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  • 6-min Total Body Flexibility Routine

    This routine is designed to target muscles used in the golf swing that are typically tight. Some people have good flexibility naturally. For those of us who don’t, flexibility is needed and can be developed, but you have to work at it everyday. Stretching allows the development and maintenance of...

  • 9-min Chest, Back and Hip Opener Flex...

    This routine focuses on muscles that are typically chronically tight on most golfers to help lengthen muscles. Increasing your flexibility will help you be able to take your muscles through their full range of motion for a more fluid and efficient swing.

  • 15-min Total Body Flexibility Routine

    Routine 'A' is a series of ten stretch exercises. It is intended to lengthen muscles and develop symmetry, as well, by exercising both sides of your body. Circulation is stimulated. Joints achieve extended range-of-motion. Overall mobility is enhanced.