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  • CardioGolf® Online Studio-Improve Faster

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    CardioGolf® is a golf-fitness program designed by Golf Digest Magazine Top 50-Golf-Fitness Professional, LPGA Master Teaching Professional and NASM Certified Personal Trainer Karen Palacios-Jansen. Subscribe to get access to a unique golf and fitness program for golfers of all ages and levels. No...

  • Beginner Golf Video Series by CardioGolf®

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    Are you new to the game of golf and looking for a comprehensive way to kickstart your learning journey? Look no further than CardioGolf®'s Beginner Golf Video Series. Designed specifically for novice golfers, this series offers a unique and effective approach to learning the fundamentals of the g...

  • Fix Your Slice Guide By CardioGolf®

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    Are you tired of watching your golf ball slice off into the rough or soar into the adjacent fairway? Say goodbye to frustration and hello to precision with the revolutionary CardioGolf® guide to fix your slice.

    In this comprehensive guide, acclaimed golf fitness instructor and founder of CardioG...

  • CardioGolf® Total Driving Program

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    Tee off with confidence and precision with the groundbreaking CardioGolf® guide to hitting your driver. Karen Palacios-Jansen, acclaimed golf fitness instructor and founder of CardioGolf®, unveils her expert insights and innovative techniques to help golfers of all levels unlock the full potentia...

  • Tee Up Your Strength: Resistance Training for Golf

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    CardioGolf® Resistance Training Plan for Golfers-
    CardioGolf® has developed a weight lifting plan specifically designed to enhance a golfer’s performance by improving strength, stability, and overall athleticism. The exercises included in this plan focus on functional movements that mimic the dem...

  • Ultimate Chipping Guide: Elevate Your Short Game

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    CardioGolf® Video Series: Master Your Chipping - Elevate Your Short Game

    Series Overview:
    Welcome to "Master Your Chipping," the ultimate video series designed to transform your short game and make you a more confident and consistent chipper around the greens. Whether you're a beginner looking t...

  • CardioGolf® Cross Training: Pilates for Golfers

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    Pilates uses controlled movements, focusing on your core muscles to build body strength, flexibility and endurance. It’s a total body conditioning routine to help you strengthen, lengthen and tone muscles without high impact movements. It is a perfect regimen for golfers.

    CardioGolf® Creator, LP...

  • Workouts by Olympic Gold Medalist Dan Jansen

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    Join Dan Jansen, renowned for his remarkable speed and agility on the ice, as he guides you through a series of high-energy cardio routines tailored to boost endurance, agility, and overall performance. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or just starting your fitness journey, these workouts are cr...

  • CardioGolf® en Español con Estela Morales Segarra

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    Una nueva forma de practicar golf con Estela Morales Segarra-

    CardioGolf® Online Studio incluye rutinas de entrenamiento específicas para golf y ejercicios de swing para ayudar a los golfistas de todos los niveles a mejorar su técnica de swing y hacer un gran ejercicio al mismo tiempo.