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Individual Flexibility Exercises

Individual Flexibility Exercises

The first and foremost component of a golf-fitness program is to stretch and balance muscles before you work on developing stability, strength and speed. In this video collection, you will find workouts and routines that focus on improving flexibility and mobility in golfers. These workouts target the muscles used in the golf swing, that are chronically tight in golfers.

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Individual Flexibility Exercises
  • 2:28-minute Hip Mobility Series

    This is a series of 3 hip mobility exercises to help loosen up the joints and muscles in the hips. The more mobility you have, the easier it will be to sequence your weight shift and deliver power to the ball. This can be done as a warm up or part of a workout routine.

    Lie on your side with yo...

  • 1:28 minute-Stay in Your Posture

    A common problem among high-handicappers and even elite golfers is a lack of mobility in the pelvis and hip area from hours of sitting and lack of activity.

    To maximize your full potential in the golf swing, you must have the ability to take your joints and muscles through their full range of mo...

  • 1:08-minute Standing Shoulder and Side Stretch

    When you increase your flexibility, you increase your changes of taking your muscles through a full range of motion for a more fluid golf swing. This stretch is to help increase flexibility in your shoulders and oblique muscles.

    Stand in a shoulder width stance.
    Lift one arm straight up in the...

  • 1:22-minute Core Warm-Up Stretch

  • 1-minute Standing Shoulder and Arm Stretch

    This stretch will help you improve flexibility in your shoulders and arms.

    Stand in a shoulder width stance.
    Bend one arm behind your back with your palm facing outwards.
    With the opposite hand, grab onto the wrist of the bend arm and tug it outwards to feel a stretch in your shoulder and arm.

  • 2:17-minute Core Hip Twister with Bench

    Having good separation between your upper and lower body facilitates greater speed and power in your golf swing. Limited separation can result in a number of swing faults including too much lateral movement (sway or slide) and loss of posture.

    Hold onto a bench with both hands and get into a squ...

  • 1-minute Standing Chest Stretch

    Your chest muscles are important in the golf swing to support the club at the top and help pull the arms down on the golf swing. But if they are tight or you are muscle bond, then your backswing will be restricted and you will not be able to make a full turn at the top of the swing. Furthermore...

  • 1-minute Hamstring and Back Stretch (Reverse Huddler Stretch)

    Hamstring and Back Stretch

  • 1-minute Hip Stretch on Floor (Glute Focus)

    If you have restricted in your hips, most likely you will compensate in your golf swing by overusing your shoulders which can lead to injury in these areas.

    Lie on the floor on your back with your knees bent.
    Place one ankle on the opposite knee.
    Lift both legs up in the air as you grab behind t...

  • 1-minute Arm Circles

    Stretch out the shoulders, arms and neck with this exercise.

  • 1-minute Hamstring and Back Stretch on Floor

    This exercise will help you gain flexibility in your hamstrings and back.

    Sit on the floor with your legs extended.
    Bend one leg in and press the bottom of your foot into the side of your leg.
    Lean forward from your hip sockets to feel a stretch in your back and hamstring muscle.
    Hold for 8 to 1...

  • 1:22 minute Torso and Shoulder Stretch

    The thoracic spine, which is basically your upper torso, is designed to be mobile and allow rotation. We need to twist and turn the upper torso over a stable platform of our low back, hips, and legs to create power in the backswing. If you lack mobility in your thoracic spine, you’ll be restric...

  • 1:25 minute Side Lunge with Twist

    Having good separation between your upper and lower body facilitates greater speed and power in your golf swing. Limited separation can result in a number of swing faults including too much lateral movement (sway or slide) and loss of posture.

    Side Lunge with Twist-

    Stand holding an exercise ba...

  • 1-minute Standing Torso Stretch

    Learning to turn your upper body independently from your lower body is important to create ‘separation’ between the upper and lower body. The separation creates a rubber band effect at the top of the swing to unwind and release power on the downswing.

    Stand in a shoulder width stance.
    Keeping y...

  • 1:33 minute Standing Rows

    The shoulders are a critical part of the golf swing. The shoulder muscles allow the arms to turn and extend correctly over and behind the head through the backswing. Strong and flexible shoulder muscles also allow the golfer to have a solid follow-through and finish. A flexible and solid backswin...

  • 1:37 minute Hip Windsheild Wipers

    This is a good warm up exercise for hips and low back. This exercise will help mobilize your hips for a better weight shift.

    Sit on for with your legs bent, supporting your upper body with your arms and hands.
    Drop both knees to one side trying to keep your upper body stable. Return to the start...

  • 2-minute Total Body Spinal Rotators

    Your ability to rotate your shoulders, torso and hips around your spine determines how much clubhead speed you create in your golf swing. Spinal mobility decreases with age. Lack of spinal mobility is associated with poor posture and restricts your shoulder and torso turn in the golf swing.


  • 2-minute Thoracic Spine Stretch

    If you cannot take your thoracic spine through full range of motion, you will end up over using your shoulder muscles and this may cause injury. You will tend to lift the club up to the top instead of making a complete turn to finish your backswing, leading to power leaks and swing faults.

    Lie ...

  • 1-minute Shoulder and Arm Opener

    In the golf swing, you need to move certain parts of your body, while other parts stabilize. This is what helps you create clubhead speed. If your shoulders are tight, then you can’t swing your arms independently from your torso and you won’t be able to create clubhead speed.

    Stand in a shoulder...

  • 1-minute Quick Golf-Specific Warm Up to Improve Your Game

    You should warm up muscles and joints before you stretch. You actually need to warm up before you warm up. You need to Actively Warm Up before you play and practice.

    To increase your blood flow, which brings needed oxygen to muscles and joints, you can jog in place, do jumping jacks or take a b...

  • The CardioGolf™ Flexibility Challenge

    Stretch it out all year round-
    For many of us, this is the time where we start to plan our goals for next year and resolve to get fit. But waiting until the first of the year to start a fitness program, then going full blast, lifting heavy weights and doing high impact exercises could lead, not o...

  • 1-minute Child's Pose

    Here is a simple stretch to help your back and shoulders. In Yoga, it is called a Child's Pose. It is very relaxing to do and is a good way to stretch after your round of golf.

    Sit on your knees on the floor.
    Lean forward from your waist and stretch both arms away from your head, placing your ...

  • 1-minute Low Back Release

    This exercise will help you increase flexibility in the low back and hips for a better turn and better range of motion in your golf swing.

    Lie on your back and bring your knees to your chest with your hands.
    Hold the position keeping your knees and ankles together.
    Exhale and inhale as you hold ...

  • 3-minute Tensor Fasciae Latae Dynamic Stretch

    Spinal mis-alingment is a common mistake among many golfers. If the spine is not aligned and stacked squarely on top of the hips, the golfer will have limited ability to rotate the torso and hips in the golf swing. Being out of alignment can also lead to injury.

    Ideally, the spine should be ali...